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In-SERP lead forms: Google Updates 2021 – How to double your google ads conversion

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Google Ads

It always been tough to convert through google ads.. It has been there a for a long time, from a decade.  

If I were to say exactly, Google ads was launched on 23rd October in 2000s with a few advertisers on it.

Talking about how marketers use it to their advantage we can look at the revenue growth of Google Ads year by year.

In 2020, Google’s ad revenue amounted to 146.92 billion US dollars.

Below is the snap to show the revenue history Statista.

Now you can clearly understand how marketers use this platform by looking at the revenue trend.

Let’s talk about the conversion rate now, which is the most important thing that you will be looking at when you run ads.

Since its been there for a decade marketers have used lot of techniques to get more conversion rate… 

But before that let’s see some of the industry stats to see the conversion rates across the Industry.

Average Conversion Rates in Google Ads by Industry

But the average conversion rate across industry lies between 3-5% , some exceptional are to 9% and above and some are below 2% also  as shown in the above stats from WordStream.

Below is the snap of average conversion rate by industry.



Now let’s talk about how to double your conversion rate with this new google update.

As we have been talking about that it has been there for long, marketers have tried lot of techniques to increase the conversion rate.

The most famous and useful among them are:

  • Making your ad copy more appealing
  • Sending people to an optimized landing page to convert
  • Making irresistible offers to convert and what not
 But this February 2021 Google has released a new feature in Adwords which can directly impact your conversion rate.

As you know Google makes lot of changes every year to enhance the users experience but this one is for marketers like you and me.

So what’s the change?
Google has updated his settings in Ad creation setup at the goal level. That means when you start creating you ads and selects a goal and then select the campaign type here


 Now you get one more option which is “Lead Form”



Using this you can actually show a form on the search engine result page itself the moment people click on your ad.  

Image source: Search Engine Land

 Now you can show the lead form on the SERP itself when people click on it without taking the making the user going to your website or the landing page. 

This lead form option is available for PPC ads, videos ads and Discovery ads for now.

What’s the benefit for us?

This new feature of google can help you  in generating more leads, increasing conversions, and improved ad engagement as there are less clicks involved.

You might miss out a lead from your landing page but it’s hard to miss a lead when they have form as soon they click.

 After a potential customer submits a lead form, they can  choose to visit your site or return to the search results page.

By showing a per filled form in the SERP you can actually double your conversion rate.

Hope you like this blog post and it’s helpful. if you can have question please leave a comment below.



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