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30 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

30 ways to drive traffic

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Launched your website but stuck with scanty traffic?? We know that feeling and yes it sucks.

Well, worry not.

In this post, we’re going to show you how to drive more traffic to your website.

All of the strategies listed here are used by us in real time to bring more  traffic to our client’s websites and eventually more sales.

These are also some of the most practical strategies followed by most marketers worldwide to increase web traffic for themselves or their clients.

So, hang on and we can assure you if you follow at least a few of them religiously, you should be able to see your GA graph shoot up in a few months.

With that, here are 30 ways to bring more traffic to your website.

A. Host/participate in Online events

1. Webinars

2. Podcasting

3. Live on Social media with a guest

4. Host Virtual events

B. Add value on online platforms

5. Commenting on other blogs

6. Engaging in Facebook groups

7. Answering Questions on Quora and Yahoo

8. Engaging in discussions on Reddit

9. Engaging in niche based forums too

C. Influencer Marketing

10. Instagram

11. Youtube

D. Paid ads

12. Facebook Ads

13. Google Ads

14. Pinterest Ads

15. Instagram

E. Contest and giveaways

16. Contests 

17.  Giveaways

F. Work on SEO elements

18. Write more Long form content

19. Improve your Organic CTR

20. Publish more list posts

21.  Write attractive headlines

22. Optimize for rich snippets

23.  Focus on Long-tail keywords

G. Other ways

24.  Utilize online publishing platforms like Medium

25. Utilize your competitor’s traffic sources

26. Create Viral Content

27. Active Youtube Channel

28.  Native Advertising

29.  Affiliate Marketing

30. Use Social Share buttons


A. Host/participate in Online events

1. Webinars

Webinars not only help drive traffic to the website but also helps in connecting with the audience resulting in better engagement with them.They enable the business enterprise to demonstrate their expertise on a particular subject and also helps to solve the common problems of the audience.

So, overall, it supports the business in a successful brand marketing strategy.

You’ll need to however promote the webinar in advance targeting the right audience. You can use different strategies to promote the webinar which in turn will send targeted traffic to your website.

Sending a reminder email 3 or 5 days before the webinar also helps in increasing the attendance of the webinar which in turn will also increase the targeted traffic to your website.

You can see this image from Go to Meeting shows that 89% of registrations are done 1 week prior to the Webinar of which 33% take place on the day of webinar.

2. Podcasting

No doubt, Video is the most powerful content form right now but audio is awesome too!

In fact, according to the Podcast Insights, there are over 43 million episodes as of January 2021.

Podcasting is one of the hottest marketing strategy during this time but has been in place since quite a time.

You would be amazed to know that Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income actually used podcasting to grow his web traffic, email list and later his Youtube channel, years back when people would have hardly heard about podcasting.

On the flip side, you can also appear on other people’s podcast as a guest. Brian Dean from Backlinko says that he tries to appear in 2-3 podcasts each month and it helps him to bring more visitors to his website.

Also, as a bonus, he says that he generally gets a link in show notes which can help with search engine rankings and subsequently more traffic.

3. Live on Social media with guests

You can go live on Social media with a guest. Now, there can be three types of guests, according to Buffer when doing Instagram takeovers.


Source: Buffer

 You can invite Influencers, or employees/colleagues or community members/customers as guests when going live on social media. However, to increase your web traffic  and other business goals, you need to invite influencers in your niche as guests. It would be a great endorsement for your brand. Going live on social media can be either in the form of Instagram takeovers or adding guests to your facebook live. 

Image source: Facebook

The key is to find the right guest. You can start with micro influencers in your niche if you can’t afford to pay the influencer with over a million followers.

Also, always request the guest to promote the live event on their social media profile too.

The job doesn’t end there. You too need to promote the live event ahead of the date, so that it can reach maximum of your audience.

4. Virtual events

Virtual events are another great way to drive more traffic to your website.

Such events will help you reach a wider audience which can turn into visitors and customers eventually.

You can host any type of virtual event live, depending upon your business type.

Salesforce hosts Dreamforce each year which is one of the biggest tech conferences in the world.

In 2020, it hosted it virtually for the first time.

This virtual event recorded more than 170,000 attendees last year and raked in over $240 million in revenue in just 4 days.

B. Add value on online platforms

5.  Commenting on other blogs

Well, by other blogs, we mean other blogs in your niche and not any random blog with a comment section.

You would have probably heard this advice before while some of the Gurus out there may consider it a spammy method.

The FACT is it still works pretty well, if done correctly.

 The point to remember is that we’re talking about generating traffic and not spammy links which could be hit by Google Penguin update.

Flaunt, a DIY niche marketing for designers and developers, followed this strategy religiously and got about 2,208 visitors  by adding 3 insightful comments daily for about 8 months.


Source: Flaunt

Although the traffic flow started to stop eight months later, it still drove about 185 visits.

Ryan Biddulph, blogger and author is known to have built his entire blogging business through blog commenting. His super engaging comments could be seen on almost any digital marketing blog.  In fact, in one of his interviews, he says that if he would have to start his blog from scratch, he would do it by guest posting and commenting on other niche related blogs.

He also suggests engaging with the commenters on one’s own blog as this helps build and nurture relationships which can help that traffic keep coming back.

Important point to remember here is that you should not end up adding comments like great post or nice post or may be some sort of sales pitch like advertising your product.

Instead, you should add insightful comments which can add value to the readers of that blog post. For example, if you already use any strategy mentioned in that post  and it actually works for you, you can add the nitty gritty of it there or how to exactly execute it.

6. Engaging in Facebook groups

Wel, this is one of the most loved strategies to increase traffic and this too can be very powerful if done correctly, religiously and consistently.

In fact, in our early days, we were able to close two leads into clients using only this strategy.

Recent data from Sprout Social Index suggests that 40% of marketers prefer private communities such as Facebook groups as a top social trend in 2020.


Source: Sprout Social

There are two ways to use this strategy. You can either find and join Facebook groups in your space and start engaging there on common topics of interest. Help people by answering the questions there.

This way you can show your expertise and people will start trusting and following you. However, don’t go crazy promoting yourself there. You could get booted and banned anytime. The key is always adding value and helping people.

Also, remember to adhere to the group rules.

Below is a sample of what Facebook group rules look like.

You can either join the group through your company page on Facebook or you can use your personal id through which you can direct people to your website. So, don’t forget to add your website URL in your facebook profile.

The second way is to create your own Facebook group in your niche and grow it by helping and engaging with group members. Your Facebook group intro will have your details where you can add your website. This will help you direct traffic to your website.

7.  Answering questions on Quora and Yahoo

Quora and Yahoo are two most popular Q/A platforms where people across the globe ask different questions to which other members of the platform provide answers.

Many entrepreneurs and businesses are efficiently using these two platforms to drive traffic and quality leads to their business website.


And, you too can do the same!!

Wishpond, a popular platform which provides simple tools for lead generation and marketing automation, has been using this strategy for over 3 years and has been even able to generate over 20,000 visitors in a single month from Quora.

Below is the image from WishPond’s Blog on the views of one of their answers on Quora which was able to generate more than 20,000 views.


Source: Wishpond

However, you must remember that you need to be adding value  and helping people by answering questions and not promoting yourself and your business.

Quorans take this very seriously and this won’t be considered anything else but SPAM.

You can add a link to your blog post as a source at the end of the answer but remember it should be related to the topic. Anything off-topic is again considered SPAM.

Similarly, you can use Yahoo answers to drive traffic to your website but there’s a little downside to Yahoo Answers when compared to Quora ( apart from the interface, ah hem!) You can start adding links to your answers on Yahoo Answers only when you have reached a certain level by earning points through regularly answering questions.

This is meant to keep spammers away and can help you build trust. Once you build trust among the community, you can start moderately linking to your website but do not forget the tips above related to Quora. The interface may be different but the rules remain the same.

8. Reddit discussions

Reddit is a different animal than Facebook or Instagram. Now, driving traffic from Reddit is a very controversial topic. Redditors don’t like any kind of self-promotion but this doesn’t mean you can’t drive traffic from Reddit. Of course, you can but it has to be done in the right way.

Reddit is a community of members called Redditors who contribute to different topics on Reddit called as Subreddit.

You can find Subreddits on anything as  popular as r/keto diet to something as bizarre as r/blobfish.

As already mentioned, Redditors are strongly against self-promotion, so you need to first establish some rapport in the Reddit community for yourself.

For this, you would need to join the Subreddits related to your niche.

Once, you have done that, start contributing to those Subreddits in a constructive and helping way.

If people see that you’re adding value to the community, they’ll start upvoting your contributions.

You’ll get points or karma for each upvote.

Once you’ve gained sufficient karma, it would mean that you’ve established some reputation for yourself.

Patrick Walls from Starter Story has reached 35K Reddit Karma by automating 120+ posts per month on Reddit which has helped him hit the top of Reddit and get millions of views.


Source: Hackernoon

After that you can start promoting your content such as adding a link to a blogpost on your website.

This way you would be able to drive traffic back to your website.

Remember, that the key is always to not overdo it and maintain a subtle tone of self-promotion otherwise you may lose all the earned Karma.

You must have heard “Karma hits back”…

9.  Niche based forums

Forum marketing as it is called, is nothing achieving your business goals through forums in your niche.

Niche-based forums are one of the most underrated but yet one of the most powerful ways to drive quality traffic to your website.

Forums are nothing but niche specific online communities of like-minded people who share a common interest.

Being active in such communities, can help you drive targeted traffic to your website.

You just need to engage in different threads on the forum and leave your website link wherever suitable in your signature or comments.

You can start by choosing 3-4 established forums in your space which are already active. 

Look for forums which have at least 10,000 members and have a minimum of 100 daily posts.

 You can search for forums by using a combination  of relevant keywords and search operators such as “keyword + forum”, e.g. internet marketing + forum, weight loss + forum, parenting + forum.

Here is an example of the search results on Google using one of the above keyword strings:

Remember, to go through the forum guidelines and follow them while engaging in such forums.

Again, the key here is to add value and help people. Excessive promotion of your signature could get you banned.

C. Influencer marketing

10. Instagram  Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is one of the latest trends in online marketing and data suggests that 80% of marketers  find influencer marketing effective in achieving brand awareness and direct response goals like sales, traffic, etc.

On the other hand, 71% marketers say that the quality of traffic and customers from Influencer marketing is better than other marketing sources.

Instagram is the go-to place when it comes to Influencer marketing. Infact, it is the most important social media channel for influencer marketing with about 89% significance.

On the contrary, Instagram ranks last on the least important channel graph for influencer marketing whereas Snapchat ranks #1.

The following infographic by Mediakix gives data about the most important social media channels for influencer marketing.

And the following infographic again by Mediakix gives data about the most important social media channels for influencer marketing.

You can see Instagram steals the show and thats the reason why Kardashians are so popular there.

You too need to get some influencers on Instagram for your brand.

11. YouTube Influencer Marketing

 If you refer to the infographic above by Mediakix, you can see that YouTube is the second most important channel for influencer Marketing after Instagram. Also, it ranks second last on the list of least important social channels for influencer marketing.

It means it is the most popular channel after Instagram for influencer marketing but the best part about Youtube influencer marketing is that users and creators frequently engage with each other through comments, shoutouts and other ways. Infact, from 2017 to 2018, there has been a 70% increase in user engagement with creators and channels.

So, personalizing  your influencer marketing strategy on Youtube could work great.

You just need to select the right influenecre depending upon your needs, goals, audience and yes budget too!!

D. Paid ads

This is the fastest way to increase web traffic but not the cheapest…

Below are some of the most popular platforms for paid ads which can help you achieve your business goals like web traffic or even sales and  conversions.

12. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the most favorite among marketers. It is easy to start, has lots of features to reach the most targeted audience and can be started with as low as $5/day.

You just need to have a business page on Facebook, then register on Facebook Ads manager and run different types of ads depending upon your business goals.

If increasing website traffic is your goal, Facebook Ad manager gives you option for that too.

You can choose the traffic objective while settipg up your ad. The traffic objective is designed to send people to your website or app.

You can choose the following ad format in the Traffic objective:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Slideshow
  • Collection

13.  Instagram Ads

A quick reminder :

Instagram is acquired and owned by Facebook and it uses the Facebook Ads Manager platform for setting up paid ads.

Just like Facebook ads, Instagram ads also offers you to choose your campaign objective.

And if you want to get more traffic, you have to choose the same Traffic objective in case of Facebook Ads which will help you choose where to send traffic through these ads.

The ad formats are same as in case of Facebook ads.

14. Pinterest ads

Pinterest is a great place to promote your products or even platform and get more traffic.

Also, Pinterest is a great place if your target audience is women.

Stats shows that women is the primary audience on Pinterest.

This graph by Hootsuite shows percentage of Pinterest audience according to different age groups. You can see that in all age groups women is the audience with highest percentage.

You can run the ads in the following formats:

  • Sponsored image and video pins
  • Carousel pins and ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Collection pins and ads
  • Sponsored story pins

15. Google Ads

Google Ads are the universal answer to increasing traffic and sales on website almost instantly.

In fact, stats suggests that Display PPC ads can increase website traffic by 300%.

Additionally, it offers a range of targeting options, tools and analytical features.

Google ads offers a range of cross-channel ad campaigns from its interfaceSearch campaigns:

  • Video campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Display campaigns
  • App promo campaign

16.  Giveaways

Giveaways are one of the widely used ways to boost traffic used by big brands.

Giveaways not only help to boost traffic but help achieve other goals also like brand awareness, increasing social media followers, building email lists, etc.

If done right, giveaways can be a huge success but remember to incentivize your audience appropriately. They must see value in the giveaway prize for participating in the giveaway.

Domino’s Pizza ran a massive giveaway on Facebook which would offer a year of Free Pizza to the winner ( something very enticing and compelling).

The participants had to visit the website, the link of which was given in the description of the giveaway post.

This definitely increased the no. of visitors to the website but not only that ,they also got huge engagement on their social media post with 2.4 K likes and 422 shares.

This is how you too would want to run giveways ( if you can afford a year of free products, that’s great, if not then something worthy for the participants to enter and share the giveaway).

17. Contests

Just like giveaways, contests are also one of the ways used by brands to increase traffic and achieve other goals.

The key point of a worthy incentive remains same here too but the difference between contests and giveaways is in their way of execution.

Giveaways don’t require any special steps on the part of the participants but contests does require.

For example, it may ask the participant to submit the photo of their dog or write an essay.

The best entry would win the contest.

F. Work on SEO elements

18. Write more Long Form Content

Long form content has been found to show top content performance as well as drive more traffic and engagement in many studies. One such study was conducted by SEMrush, the key takeaway of which is that 7,000+ word articles drive almost 4 times more traffic and 43% more shares than articles of average length (900-1,200 words). Meanwhile, short posts (300-900 words) gain 21% less traffic and 75% less backlinks than articles of average length (900-1,200 words).

However, it is important to understand that long-form content will not automatically bring traffic. Instead you’ll have to write in-depth content that will serve the information needs of your audience.

19. Improve your organic CTR

Now, this strategy works particularly well when you’re already ranking on the first page.

You can employ some techniques which will increase your organic CTR which will make more people click on your website and you’ll get more visitors. 

Increased organic CTR also helps in increased rankings which results in more traffic.

Brian Dean from Backlinko says that if you increase your organic CTR from 10% to 20%, it means you have doubled your traffic. 


He also suggests lots of way to improve organic CTR  such as including numbers or brackets in the title tag, optimiizng the description, using current year in the title tag.

20. Publish more list posts

The same study by Semrush which found that long form content of 7000 words+ drive 4 times more traffic, also found that Posts containing at least one list per every 500 words of plain text get 70% more traffic than articles without lists. 

The study also found that listicles drive 80% more traffic than any other type of article.

Different neuroscientists have also found that it’s easier for the human brain to process categorized data with lists rather than texts or paragraph.

There are quite a few reasons for it, but the most important ones are the presence of numbers in the headlines which instantly appeals to the reader and the information looks well-organized.

Therefore such data has higher chances of being clicked and read through.

21. Write awesome headlines

 Well, how would headlines bring more traffic?

It’s nothing but the magic of CTR which we discussed in the second last point.

Headlines, well, they can actually work like a magnet to attract the potential traffic, if written correctly.

Data states that on an average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

Also, your traffic could vary upto 75% depending upon the headline used.

The following infographic from Coschedule visualizes the above data

That’s the power of writing optimized title as it can bring more clicks and thus more traffic to your targeted webpage.

There’s lot of ways through which you can write attractive headlines but one of the most impactful ways is to include power words in the headlines.

Power words are words that copywriters use to trigger emotional or psychological response. These words can drastically help improve CTR which in result increases traffic as discussed above.

 In fact, SEO Guru Niel patel found a positive correlation between word choice and CTR in his analysis of 63 Google search accounts

22. Optimize for rich snippets

Rich snippets are google search results with structured data markup designed to be visually more appealing and informational. They generally sit at the the top of the google search results and thus have a higher CTR bringing more traffic.

This is how a rich snippet appears on Google SERP.

Studies show that appearing in a rich snippet can help you increase the CTR by 677% and can drive 20-40% more web traffic.

On the contrary, Moz along with the team at SearchPilot ran an A/B split test experiment to remove Moz’s blog posts from Google’s featured snippet. They used the Google’s data no-snippet tag to remove the winning featured snippets on Google.

After adding the data-nosnippet tag, the variant URLs quickly lost their featured snippets. To their shock, the team found that instead of gaining traffic, they actually quickly lost traffic by about 12%.

You would need to optimize your content to rank in the featured snippets.

23. Focus on long-tail keywords

You want to target all those keywords in your space for maximum success but wait!!

If you’re just starting out, it’s better to focus more on long-tail keywords rather than short-tail keywords.

There are quite a few reasons for it:

Firstly, although they have lower search volume, they also have lower ranking difficulty. So,it would be easier to rank for them in a short period.

Secondly, they have a better search and buying intent, so it would be easier to get more conversions through these keywords.

Lastly but most importantly, about 70% of organic traffic comes from long-tail keywords. So, if you’re looking to increase your traffic, we’ll definitely recommend incorporating a bigger blend of these keywords in your seo strategy.

Here is an image below from Mangools which shows the proportion of traffic each type of keyword brings across the web.

24. Utilizing online publishing platforms like Medium

Medium has over 200 million monthly traffic as of March 2021 according to the data by

Many marketers are skeptical about this platfrom but people and brands who do it strategically and consistently have been able to see some great results.

Buffer experimented by starting a publication on Medium and posting older evergreen content.

They were able to increase their views by 1215% from thousand views in a day to 12K views overnight.

Similarly, Benji Hyam, Co-founder at Grow and Convert, was able to garner 10K views in just 4 days from Medium by syndicating his content there.

He too did it strategically by consulting successful Medium writers and asking them what works for them there.

25. Utilize your competitor’s traffic sources

Why lose all that extra traffic which your competitors are getting?

Well, I know that you don’t have access to their Google Analytics.

But not all hope is lost…

You can use tools like SimilarWeb to see which websites are sending the most traffic to your top competitors.

Below is an image by Backlinko showing it’s traffic sources on SimilarWeb:

                  Source: Backlinko             

You also get to know which type of traffic it is, such as referral or organic.

Once, you know that you can chalk out a strategy to how to drive portion of all that traffic to your website.

26. Create viral content

Viral content?

Well, you might be thinking that’s something that happens accidentally.

Yes, in most of the cases, but not with people like Neetzan Zimmerman , VP of Growth at Lightspeed.

Zimmerman has created a lot of viral posts in past years, in fact, one of his articles for Gawker got 11 million views in just 7 months.

There’s a lot of ways to create viral content as suggested by Neil Patel such as scanning viral content websites for ideas and using tools which help in sharing your content with a higher speed.

You may employ many more techniques by researching techniques used by people who consistently publish viral content.

But the fact to remember here while creating a viral content is that it must be able solve the problems of your audience and thus has a wide sharing potential on various social networks.

The following image from Voltier Digital shows the anatomy of a viral post:

27. Active YouTube channel

Why would you want to drive traffic from YouTube to your website?

Well, because it is the second most visited website in the world, after Google.

Still not convinced? Looked down at the following stats from Connectiva Systems.

So, with over 2 billion active monthly users and daily video views of over 7 billion, any marketing mind would want to be there.

There’s a lot of ways to drive traffic from your YouTube Channel such as adding link in the video description or using YouTube Cards to send people to your site or above your channel art.

However, you should know that getting views and subscribers on YouTube is hard. You would simultaneously need to invest in a good YouTube Marketing strategy. Once you’re able to gather enough views, you can channelise them to your website.

28.  Native advertising

Now, if you haven’t heard that term before which is possible if you’re quite a beginner to marketing, let me explain what it is.

It is nothing but use of paid ads that are so cohesive with the page content that the user doesn’t feel that it’s a sponsored content. 

Creating native ads is neither a very complex or different process. If you already have some hands on experience creating paid ads on  social media platforms, native ads won’t be much hassle for you.

You would need to use a native ad platform such as Taboola or Outbrain( now merged with Taboola) or any other such platform to start with.

The cost is comparatively lesser than paid social media ads, so you can reach a wider audience and drive more traffic at a lesser cost than you would on the giant social media channels or display network platforms.

Also, the click through rate of Native ads is much higher than the typical ad formats.

For example, native display ads produce 8.8x more CTR than the typical display ads.

Also, according to IPG Media labs, native ads register a 9% higher lift for brand affinity and 18% higher lift for purchase intent than display ads.

In spite of the above stats, native advertising is still a relatively new and underrated way of advertising. 

Pets, food and drink, family and parenting, travel, entertainment are some of the top spaces for native advertising performance.

Source: Taboola

So, if you’re in one of the spaces in the above image, you should definitely give a try to native advertising for reaching a wider audience and thus more traffic.

29. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing continues to grow and is one of the cheapest ways to drive traffic and sales for business owners especially those with limited marketing budgets.

So, if you’re just starting out or are low on budget, you must included affiliate marketing in your strategy.

In fact, data suggests that 80% of merchants run an online affiliate program and 40% of marketers say that affiliate marketing is the most desired skill.

This mini infographic published by Refersion on will show you the insights of affiliate marketing.

Brands like ConvertKit have seen huge success by running affiliate programs. Nathan Garry from Convert Kit says that once they reached their first $20,000 in sales, they added an affiliate program with an initial payout of 30% recurring commission. This led to significant growth with about 50,000 email subscribers in a year. Today, they just pay 10% of their revenue to their affiliates each month.

30. Use Social share buttons

Social share buttons have also been known to increase website traffic. 

Social share buttons acts as a call to action to people for sharing the content on social media. This helps the content reach to a wider audience which in turn visits back the traffic.

In fact, in one of the studies on social share buttons, Joshua Button found that many news organization receive a whopping more than 20% of their Twitter Traffic from their Tweet buttons available on those web pages.

Below is an image from Coschedule based on the data from Joshua Benton which shows how entertainment and news sites receive between 20% and 40% Twitter traffic from Tweet buttons.


However, it’s important to know that proper positioning of social share buttons is important.  Popular social sharing tool  AddThis gives some excellent insight on this topic.

They ask to give more importance to prominence than placement. Therefore, picking a prominent position is important.

Also, keep the button near the content helps as the readers get clarity as to what they’re sharing.

Following image from Coschedule blog depicts the best places to position your social sharing buttons.


Final Word:

Those were 30 ways to increase traffic to your website. As you can see according to  the stats and case studies attached above, these strategies can help you drive more traffic.

You may not be able to follow all of them, try to pick a few strategies according to your target audience and start working on them religiously.


You should be able to see a boost in your traffic in a few months.


If you would have any doubt or want to know, how to execute the above listed strategies in detail, do comment below. We would love to help you.



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