5 overlooked but powerful ways to increase traffic – Infographic

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5 overlooked but power ways to increase traffic  – Infographic

You may be hustling to get  more traffic to your website  – and the good news is, you just have to rank your website on the biggest search engine in the world “Google” to get loads of traffic. And the bad news is what if you are not ranking on google how you gonna get more traffic on your website.

Don’t worry we can tell you a way….

We have listed down below the 5 of the most “Overlooked yet effective ways to increase traffic on your website” when you are not ranking on google.



  1. Blog Commenting

  • PIck you niche blogs
  • Look for what people are discussing
  • Avoid casual comments
  • Try giving an insightful and valuable comment
  • Leave a link to your relevant content if you have

  1. Engaging in quora

  • Go to Quora and search for relevant questions
  • If you find one provide a detailed and value added answer to the thread
  • Leave your signature not always the link
  • Also remember to create threads which matters to your biz

  1. Engaging in Forums

  • Go to google  and and type your related keyword with this search operator – keyword: Forums, for example Digital marketing: forums
  • Create a profile and look into what people are discussing
  • Engage in the discussion which make sense and add value with insights
  • Also remember to create threads which matters to your biz

  1. Facebook Groups

  • Search for groups in your space on facebook
  • Join them and start engaging
  • Provide valuable content and add value
  • Remember to check the rules of the group
  • Create your own group and invite people

  1. Discussion on reddit

  • Go to and search for your space related subreddits
  • Look at what people are discussing and creating
  • Create a new subreddits to engage
  • Join the others to engage

If you follow the above ways consistently very soon you will notice traffic coming on your website.

Remember – the key here is consistency

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